Friday, August 01, 2014

Party Time

Today was my last day at the pediatricians office where I have been a receptionist for the last four years. It was a bittersweet day, but I have been ready to move on for a while. I wanted to wait until the timing was right.(Insurance!) and I was vested in the company.  I have been through a lot since I started working there in June of 2010 and I have made many good friends who have been very supportive when I needed it. I learned that I had breast cancer right after my interview and started at the office and began my radiation treatments the same week. The day after I finished treatment was the day that our son Rich died in his sleep. A few months after that, I lost Jim. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? And it was. But during that time and for a long time after, I lived in a perpetual fog. Going to work everyday was something I knew I had to do. I'm sure I wasn't the best employee they ever had, but so many people offered me support and encouragement over the next few years. Today, they gave me a wonderful party. And, lucky for me, I didn't have to follow the dress code today, because I was gifted with this lovely vest.  The handmade card (Thanks, Torry) and note were included.

        Dear Sweet Sandi,
A vest because you're fully vested
A peace sign to keep you always at peace with yourself
A starfish so you remember to take vacations
Peacock feathers so you remember how beautiful you are inside and out
Lights and colors so that you remember to party
Owls to keep you owly and wise
A telephone so you always keep in touch
                 Butterflies so that you fly away but hopefully fly back every now and again                 
We all enjoyed it and it has some wonderful charms and decorations that may turn into something else. And it even lights up!! I am going to miss seeing this group every day.  But now, I am on to new adventures.