Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Here We Go Again

As some of you may or may not know, I have made a few changes in the last several weeks. I've gone in a new direction and become a fraternity house director or "house mom". And, yes, I did say fraternity! This position became available to me all of a sudden. In fact, I had my first interview an hour after I learned about it. And in a few short days I decided to change my life completely. I am now living at the newly built fraternity house with thirty young men. I'm still discovering what my duties will be and every day is a new experience. I have a teeny tiny apartment suite and am learning to really downsize. Not an easy thing for a woman who still had ten bookcases after the previous move. Now I have only one. ONE!!!!!
I will still have my charming brick tudor for a few more weeks as I clear it out and put my favorite treasures into storage. My new rooms are mostly furnished, as if I needed any more furniture. So I am changing my style and changing my life.
I've loved the duplex and certainly didn't think I would be leaving soon, but life does have a way of surprising me.

This has been my House of Healing.I am sad to leave it but happy to move on to my House of Adventure.