Thursday, January 24, 2008

One World One Heart

It's time for Lisa OceanDreamer's One World One Heart Giveaway again and I'm going to play. I don't know what my item will be yet, but I'll have it posted by February 1st. The drawing will be held on February 14. Last year I posted a collaged journal. It was great to have all the visitors and comments and to visit everyone else. This is the year I've promised to be more active, creative, and involved. The last two years of changing jobs, downsizing, moving, and remodeling kept me away from blogland. I am always amazed at those who find time to post everyday, and that they have something to post about. This year, that still won't be me, but I will be better!!!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Caucus Fever in my Hometown

Everyone has deserted us and gone on to New Hampshire. Iowa is now the land of the lost and the lonely. The caucus was yesterday and after weeks and months, everything has quieted down. For months, the politicians and the press have been everywhere! We've been courted with daily phone calls, and coffee mugs, pins and pens, magnets, sandwiches, snow shovels, and bottles of water. Candidates have posed for pictures with our babies, and signed autographs. It was really pretty exciting, and I think, a good sign that people are interested in what's going to happen with our country. My candidate didn't win, but I think everything went well anyway. Iowa has had our little place in the news, and now I think we are all ready to get back to normal. I haven't been very active in politics, but find it fascinating. Many, many years ago, I spent the last semester of high school as a page in the Iowa senate. Whoops, just a little trip down Memory Lane

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Memory Collage Ornaments

Before I finish with Christmas completely, I want to show these collage ornaments I made. It was our turn to host this year, and the hostess always has a little gift for the women of the family. I made these ornaments from pictures of my inlaws. The ornaments are two sided, one showing them as a young couple, and the other side after many years of marriage. I made several shapes and colors, but of course, I forgot to take pictures of them! Each was different, but all used the same two photos.

Finishing Christmas

Well, we've said goodbye to the lonely old tree. Sadly, it will be our last live one. My husband is excited that he won't have to deal with lights and needles any more, but I will miss it. We bought a very nice 7 1/2 foot Frasier fir after Christmas, but it still looks fake, fake, fake, to me.