About Me

Hello fellow gypsies and travelers. Why Victorian Gypsy, you ask? Because I have a love for and knowledge of the Victorian time period, after years of study, and I am a gypsy soul at heart. Part of me yearns to be wild and free, while another part wants to follow all the rules and be as proper as I can be. Please join me on my victorian gypsy journey as I chronicle this crazy proper life

Yes, you have probably discovered by now that I don't really look like this! Just in my head. On the outside I am a thoroughly modern woman, easing my way into aging.
I began this blog as a crafting blog. I planned to share my love of Victorian crafts and a bit of history on the side. As life often does, things changed for me, and along the way, it became a blog of my cancer journey, and then the heartbreaking losses of my youngest son, and my husband--all within less than a year.

It is now a blog about moving on and making the best of what we have been given. And of friendships, and traveling, and oh, yes, still about crafting. Hoping you will stay with me. Things do get better.