Friday, July 13, 2012

Where Bloggers Create 2012

We bought this house a few years ago and this was what my Crafting Room looked like:
Yes, it took a while and a lot of hard work, but I eventually had my dream space.
This is part of an old cupboard that had to be cut in half in order to fit into the room! The other half is on another wall. I love old things; old cupboards, old drawers, all sorts of old furniture. This is another piece that fits so well in the room:

More drawers, and shelves and cupboards. I think my decorating style is called Early Stack and Label. Even though I love having all these drawers, I do like to have my supplies out where I can see them. This red cupboard has most of my jewelry making supplies, and my Wishes. People who don't know me very well have to wonder when they see the two drawers marked Magic Wands!
I like to use all the space I can for storage, so there is always something behind every door!
This was supposed to be an inspiration board. I think it is more of a memory catcher. But that works too.
There is never enough wall space, so I want to use every bit of it.

For months, this room was neglected and not used very much at all, even though there is space for sewing, papercrafting,bookmaking, and many other creative activities. I started using it again by inviting work friends over to share some crafting fun. Now we get together here every few weeks and play. The grandkids also love this room and we make things together here. I am glad to be back, even though things have gotten a little dusty during my absence. At least, all these drawers are labeled!
Thank you for visiting and taking my little tour.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Bubbly Bliss

A few years ago I was the soapmaker at the history museum where I used to work. We started selling it in the giftshop, and I made several batches before my hours were cut back. I only made lye soap, and learned quite a bit about it at the time. I loved the way the mixture would magically "trace" and suddenly: Soap! Because of previous allergies and no equipment at home, I never went on to make more varieties. But this is the kind of soap I think I would have loved to make.
While looking through Etsy, for my birthday bonanza, I saw that there were over 76,000 listings for handmade soap. And all types. I chose Sarva, and I'm so glad I did. Michelle's site describes her business, and explains that "an intelligent approach to simple living can create real change. Sarva is a Sanskit word meaning whole which reflects this philosophy."
 My package of five sample bars arrived very quickly, individually packaged in waxed paper bags with handwritten labels. They are all scrumptious. After washing my hands several times that day, I immediately reordered. This time I picked Alchemy, which is an economy soap made from the trimmings of the other soaps. Each batch is a little different.
And then I picked Grace, which is "sweeter than a vintage rose."
And, finally, Sweet Earth, described as "not a hippie-groovy scent (It does have patchouly!)...but grounding and uplifting....the spirit of play and the warm summer sun."
I'll be in the bath.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me (Almost)

        June 22-July23 The Sign of Cancer, The Crab
I am celebrating my birthday this month, and this year I have decided to celebrate it every day. With Presents! So I have been looking through Etsy (ooh, lots of good ideas there), and window shopping, and visiting stores that I don't usually go to. My only rule is, it can't be a book or clothing. That's because these are just about the only things I do buy. Oh, and my other rule is that I can afford it. That does limit me somewhat, doesn't it?
This is what I have come up with so far:
July 1- a hanging basket for the kitchen. There has been a hook there forever, so I finally put something on it.
July 2-a spoon rack. Found an old one and hung my motley assortment of silver on it. Yes, I do know that it is tarnished, and I love it that way.
July 3-the sound track from Brave. It's very celtic. I really liked the movie, though I have to say that I kept waiting for the Handsome Prince. It must be my early conditioning.
July 4-another cd. I must already be running out of things to buy myself. This one is "The Wailin' Jennys".

July 5-Wild gypsy bangles-and instructions to make some more (Almost a book, but not quite. Yes, my rules can be stretched a little)
I have a good friend who celebrated her birthday by buying gifts for other people. Maybe if I were a better person. After all we Moon Children are supposed to be generous,nurturing, and loving..........underneath our crabby exteriors.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

A Year And A Day

Today it has been a year and a day since I became a widow. I have now passed all the first anniversaries-first birthday, first holidays, first wedding anniversary, and first year. Each one has been bitter and sweet, filled with memories and with emptiness.
In Victorian times, the official period of mourning lasted between two and three years. First mourning was for a year and a day. During that time a proper widow was expected to only see close friends and family and have very limited social contacts. Clothing was limited to black, usually crepe and non shiny fabrics. Everything was expected to be very plain, with no shine. When a widow did go out, she often wore a veiled bonnet, and could keep her face covered, so people wouldn't see her grief. The dyes used to treat the veiling was very irritating, so probably caused even more tears, and headaches, and feelings of faintness. I have read that cuffs on sleeves were often very wide and called "weepers', serving extra duty as handkerchiefs for weepy eyes.
Second mourning lasted for nine months. Still black, but a little more decoration was involved. A little bit of trim, a little bit of shine was considered to be proper. More jewelry was allowed, but mourning pieces were expected to be worn. A widow could be more active and no longer wore the veil.
And finally half mourning, when colors were allowed, particularly lavenders and greys.
I am ready for a little bit of shine. But, in my heart, this victorian gypsy will probably always be in First Mourning. I love you, Jim. Forever.