Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Great Catch Up Post

Okay! I know it's been too long when I forget my password. Honestly, I don't know where the time goes. Working full time has certainly taken a big chunk out of my life.

Lots of things have happened:

First, I received a wonderful package from my swap partner, Kathy Schwartz of Sew Anyway. She made one of her great bread blankets for me. It keeps your dinner rolls warm for about half an hour! Lots of other goodies were in the box, including two items made by her 11 year old daughter Tori; a yummy coffee bean sachet for the car, and a felt needlebook! Also a lovely little tin from England (my favorite), a story book which has already gone to the grands, coffee, candles, a tissue cozy, and some inspirational cards. Lots of fun, and very generous of her. As for me, I was very late, and I hope she has forgiven me. I am really having trouble with deadlines lately.

The big news here in Iowa is that our state has about floated away. We have had the most terrible flooding. I think it's been the worst. Everyone still talks about the flood of 1993, but now I think it will be the flood of 2008 that we remember most. June started with tornados everywhere, and then went right into flooding. I live in an area a few blocks from the river, and though our neighborhood wasn't hit, many were. My children, and many, many other people have all put in a lot of hours sandbagging. They saved the area they were working on, but then the levee broke a short distance away, and many houses and businesses were severely damaged. Last week a lot of streets were closed, so there were detours everywhere.

In 1993, the water system was damaged, and Des Moines was without water for 21 days. Believe me, that is something you never forget.

Our house was in the Union Park Neighborhood home tour last weekend. Two of the houses had to drop out at the last minute because of the flooding, so it was a pretty small tour. But I think it was pretty successful, and my house looked so good (Except for the closets where I stuffed everything--My goal now is to start cleaning the closets.) A photographer from the newspaper came and took lots of pictures, but I haven't seen anything in the paper yet.
Well, I hadn't planned to use this picture, but I can't seem to get it to disappear, and it's now or never if I want to get a post today. Kathy, I will get your lovely items pictured soon.