Monday, October 31, 2011

What? October's Over?

So, looks like I almost missed this month! But, wait, I have some photos. Not very good-I can't seem to get the lighting and background thing right. I am always taking my photos late at nite or early in the morning. Even though I know that I shouldn't. And I have to apologize for not being able to figure out the secret of getting my photos where I want them to be. I know this should be much easier than it is.

First, I won a prize. And what a prize it is. Paulette, made this beautiful Practical Magic art book for me. It's one of my favorite movies, and you can be sure that the book will stay out, and not be put away just because Halloween is over. Visit her blog and you will see more pages, and lots more beautiful things. Thank you Paulette. It was a wonderful surprise.

And I made two Halloween books myself. One, I sent to my dear friend, Fleur, just barely before the holiday was over, and the other I may just have to keep, since it didn't get mailed in a timely manner. I folded the pages of old books, added lots of pictures and paint, and voila! Stand up journals.

I went to the annual giant booksale this fall, looking just for books, I could tear apart and alter. I'm not too successful at that, even though I love art books. Once, I get them home, I can't bear to take them apart. I am trying to not have more books than I have shelves, but I am honestly thinking that may never happen.

I did have a bit of fun with my decorating. The first picture, now that I have given up trying to get them where I want them to be, is an old tin document box. I think this one was actually for art supplies. I opened the door to the compartment, stood the box on its' side, and added a few things to make it spooky. Now I'm going to take it apart and start changing it for Christmas. Don't you love it when you can use something you've had forever in a completely new way?

I did have a very busy month. I think I've overcommitted myself. I'm hoping that my new sewing machine-more about that in another post- will break me of the recently acquired habit of wandering around stores shopping for nothing, instead of going home to my quiet house.