Sunday, October 14, 2012

Books...Glorious Books!

One of my favorite weekends of the year! The Book Sale I've been going every year since I had my first house with more bookshelves than books. I haven't had that problem for many a year. I confess, books are my biggest vice. And I love to make things from books. One of the reasons I go to this sale is to find  books to which I am not emotionally attached. But I always end up with so much more. This is the first half of my treasure. I went back again today (Half price day--who can resist?) and got just as many more.
One of the things I love to make from old books is new books. Here is one of the Halloween books I created last year. Folding pages, painting them and adding all sorts of ephemera is the easy peasy way to put these together. And since I especially looked for small skinny books this time, I have quite a few to work with.

Oh, yes, Pockets! Lots and lots of pockets.......