Thursday, February 07, 2013

Be Mine, Valentine

Here are some examples of a few of the things we have made in my Craft groups lately. Just a little decorating for February. The wreath is made from ribbon bows and a wire hanger bent into a heart shape. The hardest part was finding wire hangers! (Thanks, Kathy). They can also be done with strips of fabric, tulle or burlap, or pieces cut from felted sweaters. I have a lot of hangers now, so I may be experimenting a little more. I have a goal this year to use up a lot of my supplies.
The little muslin hearts are stamped and colored, then hand stitched. I added some dried lavender from last summer's herbs. With a tangle of ribbons and buttons on the front, these were quick and easy.
The hearts on sticks were just wooden blocks and hearts painted, and then mod-podged with decorative paper. I went the easy way, and cut out everything from just one sheet of assorted designs. I liked the positive words (they say:  I want to try, Today, and 1,2,3) and bright colors. A metal key and jute bow were the finishing touches here.
Easy Peasy but all of these were fun to do.
 I've mentioned before that I meet with friends once a month for a delicious dinner, conversation, and crafting. We have been doing this now for about 35 years! We started when our babies were small and we hardly ever got out of the house. This group has been a sanity saver many times over.
Several months ago we started a group at work. I think Pinterest has gotten so many people interested in making things.  Every two weeks we get together at my house. They bring snacks and I supply my barely used craft room, and whatever we need. The two groups couldn't be more different, but both are a lot of fun.  I am very lucky in my friendships.