Monday, September 23, 2013

Remembering Rich

Richard Thomas Moran  September 27,1979-September 23, 2010
Dear Rich,
It's been three years since you gave us the ultimate Irish Goodbye. One minute you were with us and then, suddenly you were gone. A lot has happened in that time, but we are sure you are keeping tabs on us. And, of course, you have your dad with you too. And so many others. Several of your friends have gotten married and have babies now. Life does go on.
People say it gets easier, but I think we all miss you just as much as ever. You are always, always in my thoughts. When I forget what I'm saying, or stop typing in the middle of a sentence at work, it's because you are there. When I have a blank look on my face, and don't follow a conversation, it's because I am remembering you. When I see a pineapple, or a lighthouse, or the moon, or all those silly mustaches that are everywhere now, I think of you. Because of you, my taste has become positively tacky. I even bought a coin purse that looks like a pineapple. Meg bought shoes with pineapples on them, so it's not just me. Are you laughing yet? And the music. I can hardly listen to anything because of the memories. So, don't worry, I think it's pretty safe to say that you are always Number 1 with us.
Do you recognize this list? I found it after you left. I framed it and decorated it. You would probably think that is crazy. I'm not sure when you wrote it. Some of the things you got to do. The rest, I hope you are doing now.
Go to Vegas
Mardi Gras
Backpack through Europe
Go to Ireland
Drive through America
Own a lighthouse
See the Pyramids
Meet Jimmy Buffett
Earn College Diploma
Be on a gameshow
Reread the Bible
Be able to quote Shakespeare
Act-then direct
Carnival in Rio
See the ruins at Machu Pichu
See a bullfight
Run with the bulls in Pamplona
Figure out why JD Salinger is so damn secretive
Be a cowboy
See a game at Wrigley
Learn to sail
Meet James Ellroy
Go to Iceland
Go to Australia and New Zealand
I don't find as many quarters as I used to. But they are still popping up here and there. We see red cardinals all the time. Oh, and I found this laminated and stuck in your mirror." LIBRA: Take stock of your life, and implement long-term plans and preparations. The need to wait until everything is right will turn to a desire to get things done and move to the next level." Did you know?