Saturday, December 14, 2013

Everywhere Christmas

This will be the first Christmas in my new little home. It is beginning to look a little festive as I try to find places for decorations. This week I hosted our Christmas Craft Nite. No dinner to prepare, as we ate out at a new restarant in my neighborhood. Donning  my adventuress hat, I had the Duck Duet. (For the first and last time). Then we came here for the Christmas tour-which took about 2 minutes-this place is small, and for dessert and gifts. My dining room is large enough to put the leaves in the table, even though I had to borrow extra chairs. We had chocolate brownie trifle, and macarons. Christmas crackers on the side, so we all got riddles, tiny toys, and paper crowns. Hopefully, we didn't scare the neighbors when all those crackers popped. Not sure if I have mentioned before that I live in a very quiet neighborhood now. I made the paper trees for everyone. I am still having a paper Christmas this year, but have added some of my other decorations mixed back in. The holidays are a time for Tradition. For me, there are Traditions Discarded, and Traditions Packed Away. But there are also Traditions Renewed, Repackaged, and Transformed.
      No surprise to most, but I did manage to find space for a lot of my bookcases. I love this one!
Here is the main tree. I also have 3 little trees that Finn, Tess, and Cass decorate. So right now there is a forest in my home. The Jingle pillow was a gift. Works perfectly in my old reading chair.