Friday, August 12, 2016

The Bucket List

I was at a meeting a few weeks ago and the conversation turned to "Bucket Lists". And, no, I am not making another list; the sixty seven things I wrote on my birthday just about did me in. But the conversation started with birthday musings. I think that as we get older, we all ruminate on the things we haven't done.
White water rafting was the first topic that came up. This was a birthday plan for one of us. Soon she will be having that adventure in Colorado. Speaking of Colorado, getting high was another goal of someone who had never....
As a little side note, that wouldn't be me unless it was legal. I am a person who has always been caught. Did I ever mention that I had five children in 10 years? I come from a family of adventurers, stunt men, and race car drivers. Yet, I was the one who had to go to driving school because of driving 35 in a 25, and getting three tickets within a month. I also got stopped one night 4 times within three miles for having a tail light out. A Walmart greeter once chastised me for coming IN the OUT door. And I even had a policeman come to the door one evening to collect my overdue library books. It was a mistake. I had returned the books, just not the little cards they used to put in the pockets. And thankfully, the library stopped doing that. It was an experiment that failed. And certainly scared me.  But I digress, back to the Bucket List conversation.
As we went around the room, everyone told of their desires and ambitions. Skinny dipping (no), kayaking (no), bungee jumping (no), a cross country bicycling trip (no), zip lining (no), flying an airplane (no), visting a nude beach (most definitely a no), running a marathon (no), a romantic encounter with a handsome stranger (no).
And then it was my turn. I actually have a bucket list journal that was gifted to me. Here's what's in it.
1. Learn to knit socks
2. Visit famous libraries.
It looks like Wild and Crazy Adventurer is not my middle name. Maybe this will be the year.