Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Ink, She Thinks

The Meandering Vine
Hopefully, this will look better soon!
Well, it was an interesting day for me today. Bridget and I did a little mother-daughter bonding and got tattoos. I always said I would never show photos of a raw, ugly new tattoo, but I guess I lied. I worried a little at first. There were not a lot of dainty little flowers pictured in the studio. (Can you say bloody skulls and naked ladies?) Actually, I like it, and am pretty proud of it, since I went with my own design. I call it the "Meandering Vine" and it's something I have always drawn, and used in embroidery work. Anyone who ever took one of my crazy quilt classes will remember this.  If I was going to do this, I wanted it to be meaningful to me.
I've wanted a memorial tattoo for a long time, but had decided against it, because Jim was never overly fond of them. But I guess he has forfeited the right to make my decisions, hasn't he? I wanted a bracelet, so I can cover it up when I have to.
So I now have a bracelet around my left wrist with the word "Forever" in his handwriting. It made me cry at first, but purely in a good way. I've wanted to use his signature since  I first thought of getting this done. Unfortunately, Jim was a very creative speller, and I really didn't want a permanent "Forver" on my wrist. Although it would probably make me laugh. I did find it spelled correctly on an old valentine that I had saved, so I guess that was a sign. The vine goes around my wrist and has two peach roses since he always gave me Tropicanas; five daisies, for our five children; seven leaves, for the seven of us; and 8 tiny blue flowers for our grandchildren.
I'm not sorry I did it, but I don't think I will be wanting another one. Yes, it hurts.