Friday, December 15, 2006

Oh No! A Christmas Letter

I am finally getting some real comments. I've certainly been slow to start on this blog thing, but I think it's going to be fun. I'm getting excited about our art doll swap starting in January. Right now I am just busy getting Christmas put together in our new (old) house. It's so hard getting everything to fit in a different setting. A friend told me she just starts over after moving, but I'm much too sentimental to do that!
I'm posting my Christmas letter, just to substantiate that I have been doing something!!!

Two thousand and six--I guess it is time
To send another Christmas rhyme
no weddings, no babies, no vacations this year.
The grandkids are growing, all six are so dear
The oldest is seven; the youngest is one.
We enjoy all the children and have lots of fun
But we do have some news and I think you'll agree
That change is a good thing. At least it can be.
While Santa was loading up his sleigh,
We packed up, too, and moved away.
An auction, a sale, a dumpster or two--
After 28 years we filled up quite a few.
At first I was sad and wanted to stay.
And I'm sure that our old house felt the same way.
But our memories came with us, and things are just fine.
Come visit, or call us, or drop us a line.
Our new house is cozy. It's snug and it's small
We downsized this year, but we still have it all.
Some things have changed and others have not
Some things have been lost, and others forgot.
And though no one knows what the future will bring
Friendship and Family make all our hearts sing.
We continue to wish you Christmas cheer
And Peace on Earth and a grand New Year!!!
Okay, even I know it's pretty hokey, but it was fun, and it is finished and mailed.