Thursday, April 26, 2007

Back From The Moon

Wherever have I been? I thought I would take a few days away from the computer, because I was becoming obsessed with reading blogs. I was becoming more involved in other people's lives than my own. Is that a hazard of the internet? And now, it's been almost a month. Our big remodeling project has taken over my life. Picking out cabinets, and floors, and paints, and furniture, and tubs, and sinks and fixtures, and having people coming and going all hours of the day and night. And the noise!! ( I work nights, and have to sleep during the daytime. Not easy with construction). It is almost finished--about 2 more weeks; and then maybe I will finally feel that I am all moved in. Our little cottage will have a lot more space. All my craft and sewing supplies will be out of boxes and put into my gazillion-no exageration-cupboards and drawers. And I will finally have a bathtub.
I have been terribly lax at keeping in touch with my swap partners. Everything sort of fell apart at once. My emails started bouncing and then I lost my password. And I could never find time to sort it all out. Everthing dolly is finished now, and I hope my new glittersisterfriends forgive me.