Friday, December 28, 2007

The Stockings Were Hung

Well, they were....But Christmas has come and gone, and truly was Christmas in a Hurry. We had a lovely time. It was our turn to host the family, and our little house was overflowing with people. Lots of stockings as you can see. The bag is a German Christmas custom, although we aren't German. I bought it years and years ago from a favorite mail order company called Gerlachs of Lecha in Pennsylvania. I have no idea whether they are still around or not. I couldn't find anything about them. They published several books about traditions and holidays, and carried wonderful crafts supplies. Sigh. A little trip down memory lane.
Anyway, I use the bag for the grandchildren now, because I've run out of stockings! I hang up eleven of them now. Christmas stockings have always been an important part of the holiday for me.