Sunday, May 24, 2009

Skipping Thru May

Well, it's pretty obvious that's what I've been doing. Skipping, that is. Here this month is practically over, and I've barely been here for it, so a quick update on what's been happening.

First of all, I haven't posted all the wonderful treasures I received from ArtsyMama. This was the May Basket swap and she sent me the best bunch of goodies. Lots of vintage lace, cards, art boards, one with a pocket. I loved these! Just oodles of stuff. All great. I mailed her a May Basket made from coiled vintage fabric. Don't know if I'll make another one of these. It wasn't easy getting that cone shape! I've been making small gypsytreasure baskets though. I really like these. They are embellished with charms, beads, and buttons, and can hold your treasures. I have some on my etsy site.
I can't quite get my pictures where I want them, so hopefully, you'll know which is which. I'm out of time, so more to come later. Pinky promise.