Friday, January 01, 2010

And Ringing In The New

Happy New Year! Resolutions, anyone? As for me, I have been making the same ones every year forever. (Lose weight...Clear out clutter....Exercise...) This year I am going to concentrate on feeling grateful. My last year was all about a sense of lack, of having less and doing less and being less. So in 2010 I am going to see, and do, and feel the abundance that is my life.

For years I have been making "Wishes", little messages in bottles. They are a mixture of quotes and sayings and things that I just make up. My plan is to pull a Wish out of the WishBottle whenever I write here and just see what it says.
So here is my Wish for January 1:
"An Everyday Wish:
Take the time to play today."
And I did. We spent some time with Finn and Tess while their parents went to a movie. Who better to play with than two and four year olds with new Christmas toys?