Friday, August 13, 2010

Gypsy Vagabond Caravan

I know that I am late posting this birthday gift, but my camera has been doing baby duty the past several weeks. All the family cameras broke at once except mine, so I happily sacrificed it to the cause. Baby Cass changes every day, and his parents don't want to miss it.
And now, on to my very own GypsyWagon Birdhouse. I just love this. It was made especially for me by a dear friend who knows my quirkly obsession with all things Gypsy. The Gypsywoman on the front is wearing real earrings, and there are lots of bits and bobbles on it. Visit Cindee and see what a talented doll artist she is. Her work has appeared in several ArtDoll issues and other books and magazines. She also teaches at Joggles and at workshops all over the country. And yes, I do have a Gypsy doll that she made for me. I'll get a photo now that my camera is back, at least for a little while.