Sunday, September 05, 2010

Back to the Real World

Well, I am back from my little road trip and every single moment was fantastic. Here we all are at Mary's lakefront home, standing on the deck with Lake Minnetonka in the background. Her house has 4 levels, all looking at the lake and dock in her backyard. It was beautiful! We stayed on the top floor, and it looked like a  lodge. There were four beds, all built in, and surrounded by bookshelves. Our whole trip was like a fairy tale. The cottage  that you see here was a little garden shop called Gray Gardens.We feasted on fresh fruits and croissants in the mornings, while we admired the view, and then shopped, shopped, shopped all day. And we all love the thrill of junking, so we hunted for bargains and admired each others treasures. Things like old books and rusted grandpa lunch boxes, vintage luggage, needlework, wooden boxes, jewelry, and anything made from paper makes my heart beat faster, but I like to look at it all. Our trip ended with  a visit to a few clothing stores, and, finally, Anthropologie and Ikea. By the time we stopped at Ikea, we were ready to start the drive back home. Saturday afternoon on Labor Day Weekend was just a little too busy! Our car couldn't hold any more packages, so it was just as well that we were ready to head south to Iowa.