Sunday, January 23, 2011

Soul Restoration

I know I promised myself that I would post more, but I have been spending every available minute Mod podging, collaging, journaling, cutting, pasting, and thinking. I am totally involved in this wonderful workshop. I knew I was a brave girl after everything that has happened to me in the past year, but I can use all the reinforcement that I can get. Right now we are working on a time line, which is kind of scary because it only goes to age 80. Now I imagine that some of you think that is an advanced age, but to me it seems like it is right around the corner, especially as I see how quickly my time has gone so far. So I am adding an envelope at the end of mine to put all those things I will still want to do after I am eighty. I know several women who are still volunteering, working at jobs they love, traveling, and enjoying life in general. That's the way I plan to be.
Seriously, this is a great class. I am learning all sorts of things. There are four weeks left, and I will be sorry to see it end.