Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Time to Renew and Redo

I am beginning to work on my much neglected blog. So far I haven't done much, but changed the background. I really liked my old background but I know that it was hard to read. I am taking an online workshop with Raine of  Lime Tree Fruits. She designs the most wonderful planner pages. Take a look. This is the time of year when I always want to get organized. I haven't done much with my blog for a long time. I have changed directions in my life so many times since I started my little crafting blog in 2006. It has taken me this long to get 200 posts, so I am obviously not a very active blogger. I have also reopened my Etsy shop and will be adding new items shortly.
Even though I am officially "retired" from my office job, I am still working the same number of hours or more each week, but could use another income source. (Couldn't we all?) I am hoping to be successful at the things I used to love to do.
And, yes, since it is January, it is time again for Word of the Year. I have done this for a while. Last year's word was Discover. Before that was Mindfulness. And in my darkest time, my word was Acceptance. This year I am going with HomeKeeper. Even though I moved a year and a half ago, it has been difficult to feel that this is my house. I like it well enough, but it just hasn't felt like mine, so this is the year I want to concentrate on making it truly my home.
I'll be back soon.