Sunday, February 10, 2008

I Won Something!!!

Kari at ArtsyMama held a drawing and I won! The prize is a goodie bag from Anthropologie (so, who wouldn't love it). I'll post when it comes. I was so excited I emailed her twice, thinking maybe she wouldn't recognize the different addy. Kari's is one of my favorite blogs. She was the hostess for the Valentine Supplies Swap. She's had several others, but this is the first I got in on. You have to move quickly for these things. Anyway, I am thrilled. It was a good day for me. I won something and got a job offer-more on that later.
Well, isn't this One World drawing just turning into the biggest thing ever. I do hope some of these people come back and visit me again and that I can get some visitors to my little blog in "real time". I've been trying to keep track of where I've been, but it gets confusing. I participated in this last year, but it was much smaller. Last year I didn't win anything, but I found all sorts of new places to visit, so that made it more than worthwhile. Thank you Lisa for all this hard work you've been doing. This was truly an inspiration.