Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Very Little Christmas

Well, we did have Christmas, but it was very low key this year. I barely decorated, didn't send out cards or letters, etc. etc. Some years it is hard to get every one together at once and this was one of them. We did manage most of them for a short time on Christmas Eve, but today was a very quiet day here. We watched old movies and I played on the computer all day. We decided not to buy presents this year except for the Kris Kringle gifts. Every year we draw names, usually on Saint Nicholas Day, and open those presents on Christmas Eve. I started this tradition years ago. The kids all put their shoes in front of their bedroom doors and St Nicholas left them an ornament and chocolate coins. Then we drew names and that was the sibling they were to secretly do nice things(!!!) for and give a special gift. It's funny what parts of Christmas traditions are important and what parts aren't! I didn't feel at all concerned about not getting a gift from my husband, but I really missed not having something in my stocking. I did fill stockings from the "gift closet". Luckily I did buy too much last year, so I still had some goodies.
The present economy has had a big effect on our family this year, and it doesn't seem right to buy frivolously when we don't know what's going to happen next. Layoffs, shortened work hours, and unemployment have become a very scary part of our lives in 2008, so the holidays weren't as jolly as usual.
On a much lighter note, this photo is of a large Santa my mom bought for me several years ago. His coat is made from an antique crazy quilt. I thought he was lost in our move in 2006, and this fall I finally found him again!
Whoops! I just started to tell you about some gifts that I made, but one of them won't be received until next week, so I won't give my secret away til then! It was fun, and took a lot of time (but very little money!) , so I'll have pictures soon.
Wishing you all Peace on Earth and a very happy new year!