Thursday, December 04, 2008

Beginning to Look Like Christmas

Well, I've been busy. Decorating the Victorian Home where I work takes a lot of time, but now we are finished, and busy with visitors. We try to show 1875 style decorating, which means plenty of red and green. We use a lot of natural materials and gild a lot of the leaves, nuts, and pinecones. The dining room was done mostly with paper roses. Lots of paper roses. We used to use all fresh greenery, but now we have to use some artificial, especially for the garlands that criss-cross the ceilings. This year we also used a lot of roses and hydrangeas. And gold beads. This is the dining room, where we hold teas and buffet dinners in December. When we have tea parties, the big table disappears and we have four small round tables in the room. Everything is very elegant. December is a very busy time here. I'm hoping to find the time for my own decorating soon. It won't be Victorian.