Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Deja Vu, All Over Again

I know this is probably cheating, but I am reprinting my old resolutions. (I would have just linked to this but I'm not quite sure it would work, and most of you probably weren't reading my blog way back then.
Wishing you all a New Year's Eve that is everything you want. We'll be going over to my son and daughter-in-law for a little family and close friends get-together. Hopefully, I will get a crown party hat! I know we will be home way before midnite. Then I am hoping to have some time to work on my new list of goals, but til then:

Slowing Down, Getting More Done, And Living With Intention
Here it is New Year's Eve again and I'm still trying to improve upon last year's resolutions. Time has never been on my side. I have seldom noticed it to be a particular ally. It dances around me, and slithers underneath me, while I wonder where it went, and what happened, and, why, no matter what I do, I never seem to have enough of it. My improbable dream is to slow time down, but to get more done.And so, I have made a mission statement. Or maybe it is a mantra. Anyway, here is my new life theme.
Live With Intention. Knowing me, you might think that means that I intend to do something-at some point in time. Maybe sooner, maybe later. But, no, it means that I will live with intent. I will begin to realize that the future is what we have today, not somewhere in the distant horizon.Here is what Living With Intention means to me:That I enjoy my life as it is, but always want to learn more. I want to remember that it is never too late, and that nothing ends until it is over.That I remember to make some space for the new to enter. I am learning to let some things go. Weeding out, paring down, and simplifying are so hard for some of us.
That I bring kindness to others. There are so many things we can do that are truly significant. Once a week, I will send a card to someone I know. Or do something nice for someone for absolutely no reason.That I leave a creative legacy. I need to know that something I've sewed, or painted, or written will be here after I'm gone.
That my outside reflects my inside. I just know I must be more fascinating than I look!!! Sometimes, I think it must all be about the accessorizing.
That I take care of my health. It's true that our health is the most important thing we possess. I keep trying to remember that when I am tempted. And I am always tempted.
That I find time each day for creative and spiritual moments. It still comes down to time, doesn't it?
That I do not neglect the riches that I already have. Be grateful. Always.Happy New Year everyone.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Very Little Christmas

Well, we did have Christmas, but it was very low key this year. I barely decorated, didn't send out cards or letters, etc. etc. Some years it is hard to get every one together at once and this was one of them. We did manage most of them for a short time on Christmas Eve, but today was a very quiet day here. We watched old movies and I played on the computer all day. We decided not to buy presents this year except for the Kris Kringle gifts. Every year we draw names, usually on Saint Nicholas Day, and open those presents on Christmas Eve. I started this tradition years ago. The kids all put their shoes in front of their bedroom doors and St Nicholas left them an ornament and chocolate coins. Then we drew names and that was the sibling they were to secretly do nice things(!!!) for and give a special gift. It's funny what parts of Christmas traditions are important and what parts aren't! I didn't feel at all concerned about not getting a gift from my husband, but I really missed not having something in my stocking. I did fill stockings from the "gift closet". Luckily I did buy too much last year, so I still had some goodies.
The present economy has had a big effect on our family this year, and it doesn't seem right to buy frivolously when we don't know what's going to happen next. Layoffs, shortened work hours, and unemployment have become a very scary part of our lives in 2008, so the holidays weren't as jolly as usual.
On a much lighter note, this photo is of a large Santa my mom bought for me several years ago. His coat is made from an antique crazy quilt. I thought he was lost in our move in 2006, and this fall I finally found him again!
Whoops! I just started to tell you about some gifts that I made, but one of them won't be received until next week, so I won't give my secret away til then! It was fun, and took a lot of time (but very little money!) , so I'll have pictures soon.
Wishing you all Peace on Earth and a very happy new year!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Winner!

Look at this! I won an award. According to my good new friend Jodie, of everything vintage, I am a Kreativ Blogger. This is so exciting. I feel like someday I can play with the big kids. I'm still thinking of who to give it to--there are so many wonderful blogs out there, so I'll be back shortly with some names.
As for the Christmas decorating fiasco, it is coming around but still not finished. The tree is up and it looks perfect, because it is fake. This is my first Christmas ever with an artificial tree, and it just makes me feel sad. I don't know why, but it does. My husband loves it. All he had to do was carry the box in and he was finished. No lights. No setting the tree at all angles trying to get it to look even. No deciding which was the best side. This tree has way too many lights on it for me. All you can see when you look at it is a blinding glare. I prefer a simpler tree, with a bad side.
My daughter Meg, bought her first artificial tree too, and doesn't like it either. We've decided to trade next year. I think the thing that I dislike the most is that the tree always will look the same. But we have solved that. Next year she will have the big fat one with a million colored lights, and I will have the tall skinny one with white lights. We both feel better already.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Christmas Chaos

While I've been so busy decorating at work, I haven't made much progress here at home! I pulled all the boxes out of the attic, but that's as far as I've gotten. All these (and more!)came from behind the little gray and white door, and only half of them are going back in. Yes, this is the year I'm going to pare down and get rid of some of this. My decorating is a much more minimal than it used to be. Although I still love the little vignettes, they just don't seem to work in this house. I'm hoping to make much progress in the next few days. Maybe.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Beginning to Look Like Christmas

Well, I've been busy. Decorating the Victorian Home where I work takes a lot of time, but now we are finished, and busy with visitors. We try to show 1875 style decorating, which means plenty of red and green. We use a lot of natural materials and gild a lot of the leaves, nuts, and pinecones. The dining room was done mostly with paper roses. Lots of paper roses. We used to use all fresh greenery, but now we have to use some artificial, especially for the garlands that criss-cross the ceilings. This year we also used a lot of roses and hydrangeas. And gold beads. This is the dining room, where we hold teas and buffet dinners in December. When we have tea parties, the big table disappears and we have four small round tables in the room. Everything is very elegant. December is a very busy time here. I'm hoping to find the time for my own decorating soon. It won't be Victorian.