Monday, February 23, 2009

OWOH Hand Warmers And A Bit of This and That

Gotta love these hand warmers I received from Barbara at All About the Buttons. They are just perfect to wear while typing here in my chilly attic. Look at her packaging too. They arrived wrapped in tissue, with a large button sticker. The little folder of handmade paper is adorned with a real button and encases her business card, which also has a teeny, tiny button glued on it. I love how she does that. If you like buttons, be sure to visit her site. She has an etsy shop too.
Things have been kind of crazy here lately. I've always thought that being flexible was one of my strengths, but now it seems like I have no schedule at all. I won't be working full time again until mid April, and now it seems like I'm never quite sure where I am or what I'm supposed to be doing. My first temp job has ended. This was my first experience with being an office temp and I am really not suited for it. By the last day I worked, some of the people were actually saying hello to me, but most of the time "the temp" felt pretty invisible (and clueless, I might add). I was hoping to stay there longer, but they fired someone on my first day, and then decided that they needed to have a full time office manager with accounting experience, rather than a two day a week receptionist. Originally, I was going to be there for a couple of months, which would have been perfect, rather than just a few weeks.
About half an hour after I was "released from my contract", and feeling like I had been totally rejected by the workforce, I got a call and picked up about 40 hours in March as our soap maker at my real job. We are going to be selling lye soap in our LHF gift shop and as of now, I'll be the first one making it. So that will help. See what I mean--no set schedule, no continuity, but lots of surprises, and very small paychecks.