Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Memory Lane and a Give A Way

Can you believe this was my favorite book when I was in the 5th grade? Last week a friend and I were talking about books we'd loved as children, and I got very nostalgic about this one. I couldn't remember the name-just that it was about a gypsy girl named Miranda and a horse. Started looking and there it was on Ebay! I think this was the book that started my gypsy fixation. So I just finished reading it again.I was a bit disturbed because she was sixteen and fell in love with and got engaged to a 26 year old. Eww-hadn't remembered that part.
We're still looking for "A Hatbox for Mimi". Anyone remember that one? I know, I know I'm old.
Speaking of, July is my birthday month, and I'm thinking of all sorts of ways to celebrate it. So starting now, I'm having a give a way on July 15 for anyone who posts between now and then.