Sunday, June 07, 2009

A Perfect Day

Lovely Miss Lindsey came to visit us to celebrate her 8th birthday yesterday. Weeks ago, I got this letter from her. She had designed her first dress and was confident that I could make it for her. I haven't sewed clothing in ages, but finding the fabric was definitely the hardest part. Orchid with blue polka dots. (Next time, we'll pick the fabric first!) Lindsey has been planning the perfect day for weeks, and everyone cooperated. A coconut cream pie from Grandpa. A Hello Kitty birthday cake. Roses and marshmallows from her Dad. A party with all her aunts and uncles and cousins. And then spending the night with us with a bath in the bubble tub, and time for crafting in my craft room. A perfect day and she planned it all in advance! My daughters and I decided she's got the right idea and we are now all planning our perfect birthdays. (Mine's next month, so I'll be first) Today we asked if she would have changed anything. She said "Yes, we would have all gone bowling."
Oh, and now she's forming her own company LDKC (LindseyD Kansas City) She's the designer, and I'm just supposed to make it all happen.......
Actually, it was all lots of fun, and she's just a sweetie who never asks for anything, until all these birthday plans happened. She said it was her best day ever, and we know she won't always think we're perfect.