Friday, May 21, 2010

And Now....For Something Completely Different!!

Here are just a few photos of the JUNK JOURNAL that I made after working at the Legislature this spring. I saved all the daily calendars, lots of ephemera, and put it all together. I love doing this. I am working on several using papers I've printed about all sorts of things that I don't need to keep but don't want to throw away. I've added envelopes, pockets, other origami bits, glued right over the scrap papers with scrapbook papers and wallpaper, etc. This helps me with my packrat tendencies--if I ever want to read these things again, I could! I'm always saving little pieces of information and flyers from everywhere I go, so this is a good way to use them
The book measures about 6" by 10". I folded the pages and put the folded side out. I also added lots of postcards, flyers and brochures. It was really a lot of fun to do. I'm going to use this as a class this summer at my house or at Adult Ed classes in the fall. I really want to start teaching classes again.