Monday, December 12, 2011

I Know You're Jealous!

Time for our annual Christmas Craft Nite Party. You remember my Craft Nite Group. We've know each other simply forever and started to get together when our children were babies (almost 35 years ago---Wow!) At Christmas we don't have a craft-just a party. Kathy hosted and these were gifts. She bleached the trees, decorated them, and showcased them in teacups. How cute is that!

We also draw names. This year I received an old tin box filled with ephemera and all sorts of supplies. Of course, I love it. If it's old and paper, or fabric, or tin, or wood, I am smitten. Between all the mica flakes, glitter, bakers twine, buttons, ribbons, bits and bobbles, I'd better come up with something good. More to come on the contents of the magical box.

We also received an ornament from our famous dollmaker friend, Cindee. She started making Christmas angels for each of us about 15 years ago and now she can't show up without one. I am so blessed in my friendships! Even without the presents.