Friday, January 13, 2012


January always seems like a perfect time to work with yarn. Through the years I've made lots of small things, a couple of afghans and baby blankets, many purses, hats, and scarves, but never anything that is meant to fit. How I envy the people with the skill and patience to finish sweaters and socks. I really like little projects best, I guess. I think maybe it stems from the years of making things to sell at craft shows. Here's just a couple of pictures. I made a lot of tea cozies for a while. I really liked this one. The tie is adorned with buttons, beads, and charms.

The brooch is a little large. I guess I should have known when the pattern said "peony". I found it here, and I'll be wearing it on my jacket at work today. I guess I'll see how many people laugh. It's my own little homage to spring, now that winter has finally begun in the midwest!