Friday, July 13, 2012

Where Bloggers Create 2012

We bought this house a few years ago and this was what my Crafting Room looked like:
Yes, it took a while and a lot of hard work, but I eventually had my dream space.
This is part of an old cupboard that had to be cut in half in order to fit into the room! The other half is on another wall. I love old things; old cupboards, old drawers, all sorts of old furniture. This is another piece that fits so well in the room:

More drawers, and shelves and cupboards. I think my decorating style is called Early Stack and Label. Even though I love having all these drawers, I do like to have my supplies out where I can see them. This red cupboard has most of my jewelry making supplies, and my Wishes. People who don't know me very well have to wonder when they see the two drawers marked Magic Wands!
I like to use all the space I can for storage, so there is always something behind every door!
This was supposed to be an inspiration board. I think it is more of a memory catcher. But that works too.
There is never enough wall space, so I want to use every bit of it.

For months, this room was neglected and not used very much at all, even though there is space for sewing, papercrafting,bookmaking, and many other creative activities. I started using it again by inviting work friends over to share some crafting fun. Now we get together here every few weeks and play. The grandkids also love this room and we make things together here. I am glad to be back, even though things have gotten a little dusty during my absence. At least, all these drawers are labeled!
Thank you for visiting and taking my little tour.


  1. I love to see it when one takes
    an unused space and turns it into
    something special. Your cupboard
    is just wonderful. Too bad you had
    to cut it in half but I do
    understand.. Great job and I bet
    you love having your space!

  2. What an amazing transformation and how fun that you could create the space you wanted. I love your cabinet - wow what great storage.

  3. Fabulous space and what a terrific cabinet. I'm with you, you can never enough drawers and cubbies for all your special bits and pieces. Thanks so much for dropping by.

  4. I love to hear you are using your space again. It is an amazing space! I hope all is well!!!

  5. Fab space! well organized

  6. Oh I adore those file cabinets!!!! You've turned the space into a wonderful place to create. Love it!

  7. I love your craft room. Those antique drawers are wonderful! It looks like you are really organized. The before picture looks like an entirely different space. What a wonderful transformation.


  8. What a transformation! Love all of those drawers. Thank you for sharing. ; )

  9. Hi Sandi,

    Those cabinets are totally awesome. All of those small-ish drawers to store stuff. Oh my! You've done a super job of transforming the space. I know all about the work to get a studio set up. I was so glad when mine was finished that I didn't want to touch anything. :0) Of course, now it stays a wreck most of the time. Can't create without pulling out tons of stuff, right?

    Thanks so much for LIKING my Facebook page. I think I sent you friend request also.

    Drop by when you have time.

    Queen Of Dreamsz
    Stephanie Suzanne

  10. I once had this extra tall, hand built china cupboard....that fit perfectly in our home.....but then....we moved....and guess what we had to do to that TALL cupboard.

    Yup...we had to cut it in half too. Hey, whatever works. I love all the drawers on the base...they are perfect for a studio space!

    thanks for sharing. stop by to see my creative corner, if you wish.

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  11. Well done. A lovely space for you, your grandkids and your work mates to enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Wow the transformation looks great! The drawers are sooo cool! I bet you are so happy it's finished, mine took a long time too and I am so happy to be in a functional space!

  13. What a sweet space you have made there. I love your old furniture too.

  14. Oh my goodness I adore that big cupboard with so much storage. Great space to create in, thank you for sharing.

  15. You have definitely come a long way. Great storage pieces. Wonderful space to create in.

  16. You have definitely come a long way. Great storage pieces. Wonderful space to create in.

  17. You have definitely come a long way. Great storage pieces. Wonderful space to create in.

  18. I love the color you painted your walls Sandi!! Your storage pieces are awesome too. I love little drawers and cubbies. :) Thank you so much for joining the party and giving us all a peak inside!!!

  19. What a change. Love your space. Those vintage games are great. thanks for the lovely tour and have a fantastic day. Angela

  20. What a lovely space you created. I love that cabinet and enjoy drawers and labeling too. Thanks for sharing your space with us.