Monday, July 09, 2012

Bubbly Bliss

A few years ago I was the soapmaker at the history museum where I used to work. We started selling it in the giftshop, and I made several batches before my hours were cut back. I only made lye soap, and learned quite a bit about it at the time. I loved the way the mixture would magically "trace" and suddenly: Soap! Because of previous allergies and no equipment at home, I never went on to make more varieties. But this is the kind of soap I think I would have loved to make.
While looking through Etsy, for my birthday bonanza, I saw that there were over 76,000 listings for handmade soap. And all types. I chose Sarva, and I'm so glad I did. Michelle's site describes her business, and explains that "an intelligent approach to simple living can create real change. Sarva is a Sanskit word meaning whole which reflects this philosophy."
 My package of five sample bars arrived very quickly, individually packaged in waxed paper bags with handwritten labels. They are all scrumptious. After washing my hands several times that day, I immediately reordered. This time I picked Alchemy, which is an economy soap made from the trimmings of the other soaps. Each batch is a little different.
And then I picked Grace, which is "sweeter than a vintage rose."
And, finally, Sweet Earth, described as "not a hippie-groovy scent (It does have patchouly!)...but grounding and uplifting....the spirit of play and the warm summer sun."
I'll be in the bath.