Thursday, July 05, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me (Almost)

        June 22-July23 The Sign of Cancer, The Crab
I am celebrating my birthday this month, and this year I have decided to celebrate it every day. With Presents! So I have been looking through Etsy (ooh, lots of good ideas there), and window shopping, and visiting stores that I don't usually go to. My only rule is, it can't be a book or clothing. That's because these are just about the only things I do buy. Oh, and my other rule is that I can afford it. That does limit me somewhat, doesn't it?
This is what I have come up with so far:
July 1- a hanging basket for the kitchen. There has been a hook there forever, so I finally put something on it.
July 2-a spoon rack. Found an old one and hung my motley assortment of silver on it. Yes, I do know that it is tarnished, and I love it that way.
July 3-the sound track from Brave. It's very celtic. I really liked the movie, though I have to say that I kept waiting for the Handsome Prince. It must be my early conditioning.
July 4-another cd. I must already be running out of things to buy myself. This one is "The Wailin' Jennys".

July 5-Wild gypsy bangles-and instructions to make some more (Almost a book, but not quite. Yes, my rules can be stretched a little)
I have a good friend who celebrated her birthday by buying gifts for other people. Maybe if I were a better person. After all we Moon Children are supposed to be generous,nurturing, and loving..........underneath our crabby exteriors.