Monday, February 19, 2007

My First Swap Dolly

Look at the cutie I received from Liz. Isn't she great?(Sorry for the poor quality of this picture--I haven't had time to mess with my camera. She's standing on a window ledge) She has beaded trim and sparkly hair. This is the first doll from our year long swap. This month's doll is a healing and guardian doll. The tag says "This Healing/Guardian Doll was made with loving intent, focusing on peace, time efficiency and relaxing thoughts. The rose quartz rosary is to bring love into everything, and the tea cup to remind you to take time out." I'm having a cup of tea right now as I appreciate her. Thanks to Liz for my first doll and to Robyn for getting this started. My doll will be going out soon. She is still in the embellishment process.