Monday, February 19, 2007

My First Swap Dolly

Look at the cutie I received from Liz. Isn't she great?(Sorry for the poor quality of this picture--I haven't had time to mess with my camera. She's standing on a window ledge) She has beaded trim and sparkly hair. This is the first doll from our year long swap. This month's doll is a healing and guardian doll. The tag says "This Healing/Guardian Doll was made with loving intent, focusing on peace, time efficiency and relaxing thoughts. The rose quartz rosary is to bring love into everything, and the tea cup to remind you to take time out." I'm having a cup of tea right now as I appreciate her. Thanks to Liz for my first doll and to Robyn for getting this started. My doll will be going out soon. She is still in the embellishment process.

Friday, February 16, 2007

A Lovely Valentine

I participated in the Valentine swap hosted by Miss Robyn, and here is the present I received from the lovely Lady Laurie. I got a beautiful heart sachet, rose scented candle, which was wrapped in a tulip and rose handkerchief, a box of chocolates, and a handmade valentine. (I forgot to put the card in the picture, so I'll add that later. Thanks Laurie. This was such fun. I'm just getting back into swapping after taking some time off (the big move, you knowLOL). I love to receive presents and making new friends. I just jumped right in. I'm sure some of the ladies I'm swapping with are wondering who in the world I am.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Catching Up

Okay, let's just say that I haven't quite mastered the every day (or week) posting thing yet. Lots going on at the house. Jim tore the bathroom apart, put up wainscoating, painted and bought a real vanity. So it is starting to go with the rest of the house. A little explanation here. When we bought the house last summer, it was decorated very differently than what we wanted. I liked it, but it just wasn't me. The front room was tangerine, dining room was dark teal, kitchen was lemon yellow and purple, etc. etc. And all very funky and modern with track lighting, and unusual details. (Stecilled pressed wood flooring in the kitchen; pressed wood counter top for the bathroom sink; table legs stuck in bowling balls, etc) The former owner was an artist and had large canvases everywhere that went really well with his colors. We are going for the more traditional Craftsman look, so it's just a litttttle different. Here's a picture of the bathroom walls before. I'm not exactly sure what you call the metal siding that he used for the walls. It was pretty different. Sort of an auto mechanic's garage effect.

We haven't started my craft room yet. Final estimates are supposed to come in next week, but I think we'll probably wait until spring, since it's part of a pretty big project. I finally put a table upstairs and have been bringing my supplies up little by little. I'm in a few swaps so I've been working on projects again. Creating makes me happier.