Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Do You ATC What I ATC?

Yet another wonderful class! This one was with Carolyn Peeler and she was terriffic! Learned some new tricks, which is what I love when I take a class. Our album has a Christmas picture on the front, but I'm using it for my SB souvenirs, moo cards, labels, wrappers, all those little things you collect. I love the way the baseball card pages are cut into thirds and then attached to the book. This was my first time covering a book like this. Getting the wires off and on again is certainly exasperating! I heard about a machine called a Zutter that cuts the holes and binds the book all at once. I may splurge if I make a lot of books. (Notice how optimistic I am about continuing with this crafting bonanza). Actually, this is another project that I have finished. And there are more to come.