Thursday, January 15, 2009

Future Inspiration Board

Thought I'd show you a picture of my Inspiration Board. I'm just starting to add things to it, so I'll show it again when it's really working for me. I have this on a wall behind a door. In the previous picture there was just a bare space there. It's big-about 5 feet tall and 30 inches wide. I found it on a junking excursion. I was really looking for baby bed springs, but found this piece of an old fire escape railing. I can hook things on it with clothes pins or clips. I like it, and of course, my husband (Mr. Neat and Tidy) tolerates it because it is behind a door! He was a little grouchy about it, but he did hang it for me. Actually, this may end up being as much work-in-progress as Inspiration. But it's a start. I know, it needs some help.
One thing I am wanting to do this year is to put my uncompleted projects in bags, with all the needed supplies, and FINISH them. Somewhere I read about doing that, and to only have three things going at once. I have about three hundred, I'm afraid. Anyway, this is one of my aspirations.
I am so appreciative of the comments I have been getting. It is encouraging to know that some of you are reading this. I even splurged and put the new new Followers gadget here. Hopefully, I won't end up embarrassing myself.