Friday, January 30, 2009

Jill of all Trades-That's Me!

Wondering where I've been, after all my promises of timely blogging? It's been a busy week for me, learning new things. Well, trying to learn new things anyway. After I convinced myself that my interview and tests at a temporary agency would come to absolutely nothing, I got a call and starting a part time receptionist job. In addition to working at the Victorian Dinners, using such skills as wood splitting, fire building, and playing riotous parlor games, I am now also answering phones, filing, scanning, and other duties as needed. On Monday, I will start working a few days as a rental worker at the Farms. They're filming a movie there right now, so several of us are taking shifts. I'm not quite sure what it will involve, but maybe I'll see somebody who is famous. Probably not, but who knows. I am also trying to get some things into my Etsy shop within the next week. In other years, I've enjoyed the relatively quiet winters, with my reduced schedule at the museum, but this year I am trying to fill every available hour with employment. Our hours have been cut, so I will not be full time again until mid-April. Who can even guess what new skills I will have by then? Or how crazy I will be? During my free time, I just can't stay away from all the blogs I'm discovering because of OWOH. I've been trying to visit as many as possible. Have you?