Sunday, January 04, 2009

Time Again

Well, the holidays are over. Decorations are finally put away, and it's time for some serious creating. I've never put up any pictures of my finished craft room, so here are some when it is relatively neat. Yes, I do have a fixation for drawers. The only problem is, I like to have everything where I can see it when I am working. The best arrangement for me would probably have been lots of open shelves. But my husband-the neat freak-wants everything hidden. The other half of this large room is laundry area and sink and counters. If I had been thinking, I probably would have insisted on a small room with a door so everything could be hidden away. But then I couldn't have had all these wonderful old cupboards. Does anyone remember when we bought the big one? Originally it was in an old school, and then an auto parts shop. We had to cut it into two cupboards to fit the space that we had. Our eyes were bigger than our room at the auction! With this wonderful room, you think I'd be making something, wouldn't you? Big plans for 2009, I promise.