Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Fuzzy Thinking

Ok, I'm just not sure how so many people can do this everyday. I admire you all tremendously, as you post with such dedication. It seems that I have been reading blogs one upon another lately. Funny how quickly I'm getting to know you. I guess I'll just be the mysterious gypsywoman for awhile.

The only times I'm online recently are right before work and just before bed. Neither of these times find me particularly filled with wit.

I got a new camera for Christmas, but haven't downloaded any pictures yet, so will be getting something here soon. My husband's reason for buying it was to get me back onto Ebay. I sold quite a bit last year, but since our move, I haven't done much at all. He's afraid I'm going to get all cluttery again. We did quite a bit of downsizing when we moved to our little cottage. I love our new/old (built in 1918) house, but it's a struggle everyday not to fill it with collections. What can I say? I love Stuff.