Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Bit of Whining

Don't you absolutely hate it when things don't work when you expect them to? Tonite the plan was to make a collaged and very personalized picture frame for a gift exchange. Of course, the printer went wacko, and I spent my whole evening trying to figure out what was wrong. It is still not working. Mechanical things have been very trying for me this whole week. My ATM card demagnetized itself for the gazillionth time just when I needed it. And now my printer won't work. I also had a very scary time uploading all my pictures from my new camera and thought I lost them. I have spent hours on this computer this week and accomplished very little.
Since I couldn't get my project made--(and remember, my materials are stored in a dozen different places, and I can't find most of them) I decided to go with a clipboard that I had already finished. This isn't it---instead of chocolate, imagine belly dancers.