Friday, January 12, 2007

More on the Cupboard

Well, we got the cupboard home from the auction--which was an adventure, but it all worked out. I love it. All the drawers have places for labels. It is now setting in the garage waiting for the great basement remodel. We moved here a few months ago, and are getting ready to put in a tv room, full bathroom, and laundry/sewing/crafts/art room. Once it is finally done it will be wonderful. I'm so tired of having things in boxes. "My room" will be 26 feet long. We may have to do some surgery on the cupboard. We measured everything to make sure we could get it in, but we may have to do a little maneuvering at the doorway to the room. I've got everything for the room now. My garage is full. Just waiting for everything to come together.