Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Back from SilverBella Land

I went. It was wonderful. I am still wandering around in disbelief. I had an incredible weekend. I have a few pictures but not as many as I'd hoped. Just as I started to get into it, my battery was dying, so several pics came out poorly. Visit Jodie's blog, Everything Vintage. She is an extraordinary photographer. And such a good, new friend.

Here's a picture of the centerpiece from our lunch with Mary Engelbreit. Simply wonderful. This was a Saint's candle, I believe, wrapped in vintage book paper, and decorated with crepe paper and velvet ribblon. It's on a nest of shredded vintage paper, with shiny Christmas balls and lots and lots of glitter. The little sign says "Living the SilverBella Life". Glitter and crepe paper are the most popular ever, with lots of vintage ephemera. I still have trouble using real ephemera. With my history background, I want to save and protect everything. Cutting it and glittering it is just a little blasphemous to me, even though I love the look and feel of the originals. I have to say it: I usually want to copy it and save the originals.

We had a total of six classes. I've been working on my projects, and almost all of them are finished! I'll have photos of them tomorrow. Yes, I said tomorrow. I am a new woman.

So come back again, and I will have more to share.