Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bella Bella Bella

Here are some more of my completed projects! This was Jenni Bowlin's class and she was terrific. The class was called Tiny Treasures and we made three of the cutest little projects. Her bingo card was lots of fun. I really like her little packages of crepe paper strips. It's all about the crepe paper now, I think. Crepe paper and glitter. The tiny book with the key in the binding is also so cute. She came over to every table to show us how to do the key, and chastized me just a bit for not speaking up about having a bad key. She changed my key to a better one and told me that I was paying a lot of money for classes and shouldn't be afraid to speak up if my materials weren't right! I actually liked my bent up, wonky key but it wouldn't have worked very well for the book edge, so I'm glad I changed. She was so sweet, and helpful, and very sharing. A very good class.
Isn't this little spool the cutest thing? I really liked all the projects because they were quick and cute and would make perfect little gifts when you need something small. I also bought her little Bingo card baby book, and bottle cap ornament kit, and some of her vintage findings. Love her site. Please check it out. I'm really not a scrapbooker. I have boxes and boxes of photos, but just getting them barely organized is all I can do. With five children and seven grands, I can't even think how may albums that would be with just a few pics on each page($$$$). I do love the little books and accessory items though.
Oh my! I think I have beaten my record for monthly posts. Dare I say------see you tomorrow????