Friday, November 21, 2008

Silver Bella Bling

Here's my very first project at SilverBella. On Thursday nite-oh my, it was a week ago, already! the entire group made these darling little door hangers. The secret is to stamp the image and then embroider over it. It adds so much dimension to the picture. I even sewed some seed beads to the wings. (Thank you, Sandy, for being so generous with your supplies) A crepe paper ruffle, a velvet ribbon, a peace banner, and some mica finished everything nicely. Cute and simple. And finished! I just love it that I was able to mostly finish most of my projects. I did go back to my room most evenings and work on my projects. I think I was really in need of some quiet time so I did enjoy it. I do wish that I had mingled with all those Bellas who had those late night chats though. This was the first time I've gone anywhere without a roommate so it was quieter.
I promised to post on time today and didn't quite make it. I just got home from my monthly night out with friends. We started our Craft Nite over 30 years ago, and tonite I took all my new projects for an informal show and tell. I'm pretty proud of myself that I've completed these, and loved talking about the fantastic time I had. I think they probably want to be Bellas too.